Željko Lučić (Falstaff) & Hans-Hürgen Lazar (Dr. Cajus) photo: Monika Rittershaus

New production of Verdi's Falstaff BACK IN MAY!!!

opened February 9th - exactly 121 years after the world premiere at La Scala Milan

Željko Lučić was a member of the ensemble at Oper Frankfurt until invitations from opera houses all over the world forced him to leave in 2008. Keith Warner is the director, whose many wonderful productions at Oper Frankfurt have included Britten's Death in Venice, a double bill of Dallopiccola's Volo di notte and Il prigioniero, Reimann's Lear and, most recently, Pizzetti's Murder in the Cathedral.

Windsor: Sir John Falstaff has run out of money but has a plan to remedy this state of affairs. Convinced of his irresistibility he has written love letters to the wives of two rich gentlemen, Alice Ford (Leah Crocetto, who recently sang Desdemona here) and Meg Page (our wonderful Claudia Mahnke). The women realise that the letters are identical and intend that he should have a taste of his own medicine, with the help of Alice's daughter Nannetta (Grazia Doronzio) and Mistress Quickly (Meredith Arwady). Another campaign of revenge against Falstaff is being hatched. Bardolfo (Peter Marsh) and Pistola (Alfred Reiter), Falstaff's servants who want to pay him back for his duplicitous plan, fan the flames of Ford's (Artur Ruciński) aversion to Falstaff by telling him about the plan. Ford is egged on further by Dr Cajus (Hans-Jürgen Lazar) and young Fenton (Martin Mitterrutzner), who both love Nannetta....poor Sir John ends up being humiliated and repents, but takes it all in his stride „Everyone takes everybody for a fool and, in the end, everyone is made a fool of.“

Further performances: May (with new members in the cast) 16th, 22nd, 24th & 30th 2014 which all begin at 7.30pm
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