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While many operas performed at Oper Frankfurt are accompanied by german surtitles this is an additional service, and not a component of the price of a ticket. Tickets will not be refunded, or reduced in price, if the opera is not accompanied by surtitles or if it is not possible to read the surtitles from your seat.

Oper Frankfurt kindly asks you to note that late arrivals can normally only be admitted at the first interval. With some productions there are agreements with the administration that it is possible to admit late arrivals at a specific moment not long after the performance has started, but this does not apply to all productions. When a production has no interval the opera will do its best to find a moment when you may be admitted to the auditorium. If you arrive late our guest service team will be able to inform you when the next chance for being admitted will be. In the opera house (not in the Bockehnheimer Depot) there are monitors in the foyers where late comers can hear and see what is happening on stage.

If you are admitted late it will not always be possible for you to be shown to the place you have booked (if your seat was in the middle of a row this would cause a lot of disturbance) so it may be that you will not be able to take your own seat until after the interval.

No replacements can be made for lost or expired vouchers, or exchange vouchers in a subscription. It is, unfortunately, not possible to return tickets.

The theatre is not able to refund your money if a performance does not take place because of events outside the opera's control - strike, force majeur, natural catastrophy, or epidemic. Oper Frankfurt would also like to inform you that should a singer have to cancel a performance or Liederabend it is not possible to change your ticket for another performance or receive a refund unless it has not been possible for the opera to find a replacement singer.
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Antonio Vivaldi
Wednesday 12.02.2014 19:00 h
Opera House

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(Oberto, Count of San Bonifacio)
Giuseppe Verdi
Thursday 18.02.2016 19:30 h
Opera House


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