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Antonio Vivaldi
1678 - 1741

Dramma per musica in three acts
Libretto by Grazio Braccioli, after the epic poem of the same name (1516) by Ludovico Ariosto
First performed in 1727, Teatro Sant'Angelo, Venice

Sung in Italian with German surtitles
Duration: c. 3 1/2 hrs incl. one interval


On the sorceress Alcina’s magic island are: Orlando, in love with Princess Angelica, who is in love with Medoro – they have become separated in trying to escape Orlando’s wrath - Ruggiero, Bradamante, Ruggiero’s wife who is searching for him and Astolfo, Orlando’s cousin.Auf der Zauberinsel von Alcina treffen sich alle: Helden, Liebespaare, Glückliche und Abgewiesene. Orlando liebt Angelica. Doch si ... Alcina promises to help Angelica find Medoro. Orlando was told that the only way he could find happiness was to get hold of the urn containing Merlin’s ashes which is guarded by Alcina. He meets his cousin Astolfo, whose love for Alcina is not returned. Angelica and Medoro are reunited. Orlando is furious. Alcina tells him that Medoro is Angelica’s brother and that it is Orlando that Angelica loves. Alcina gives Ruggiero a magic potion to make him love her and forget his Bradamante, who witnesses everything. Alcina has fallen victim to her own magic – she really does love Ruggiero – her magic powers begin to fade. Bradamante’s ring brings Ruggiero to his senses. Angelica tries to put Orlando’s life in danger but he survives. When he finds out that Angelica and Medoro have married he loses his mind completely. Astolfo, livid about Alcina’s love for Ruggiero, attempts to destroy the island. Bradamante takes revenge by dressing as a man and seducing Alcina. Orlando, now quite insane, accuses everybody of being unfaithful. Alcina’s kingdom desolves. Happy End!

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Sunday 14.02.2010 18:00 h

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Andrea Marcon
David Bösch
Set Designer
Dirk Becker
Costume Designer
Meentje Nielsen
Zsolt Horpácsy
Lighting Designer
Olaf Winter

Daniela Pini
Brenda Rae
Florian Plock
Katharina Magiera
Paula Murrihy
Sonia Prina
William Towers

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