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Antonio Cesti
1623 - 1669
Dramma musicale in three acts with a prologue
Libretto by Giacinto Andrea Cicognini
First performed in the winter 1656, Innsbruck
Sung in Italian with German surtitles.
First ever performances of the work in Frankfurt

Duration: ca. 3 hours with one interval

About the work

Pietro Antonia Cesti was born in Arezzo in the 17th century. His first opera, L'Orontea, was a box office hit and regularly performed for more than thirty years. This was largely due to Giacinto Andrea Cicognini's excellent libretto - he understood how to combine tragedy and comedy and lend necessary dynamics to dialogues. There are three acts, preceded by a prologue: the allegorical figures of Filosofia and Amore cannot agree on whether duty or love will prevail during the ensuing events. Orontea, an Egyptian queen, is adamant that she will never marry, but then falls in love with Alidoro, a painter who finds himself stranded at her court. Although she knows that he is unsuitable as a spouse she has great difficulty in suppressing her emotions. Orontea's trusted friend Giacinta adds to the confusion. She was abducted during the war and is now back at court disguised as a man, called Ismero. Amor's arrow misses its intended target and Aristea, Alidoro's supposed mother, becomes infatuated with Ismero, while Giacinta falls for Alidoro. This tangle of emotions becomes even more unfathomable when Silandra, one of Orontea's ladies-in-waiting, also starts taking a fancy to Alidoro. An unexpected turn of events makes everything turn out right in the end. Cesti's most popular opera creates a carnival-like atmosphere of light, liberal intrigues peppered with veiled seduction scenes. Lithe recitatives are interspersed with evocative scenes and moving arias, including the best known gem – Orontea's great aria »Intorno all'idol mio«. Put it all together and the result is an exciting, enjoyable masterpiece.

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Friday 06.02.2015 18:30 h

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Ivor Bolton
Walter Sutcliffe
Stage and Costume Designer
Gideon Davey
Lighting Designer
Joachim Klein
Steffi Mieszkowski

Paula Murrihy
Sebastian Geyer
Tibrino / Amore prologue
Juanita Lascarro
Guy de Mey
Xavier Sabata
Simon Bailey
Matthias Rexroth
Louise Alder
Kateryna Kasper
Katharina Magiera

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