Alte Oper, Opernplatz

Public transport
U-Bahns (underground trains) U6, U7 to »Alte Oper«, S-Bahns S1-S6 & S8 to »Taunusanlage«

A ticket for the opera (this does not apply if your ticket has cost you nothing) allows you to travel free on public transport from 5 hours before the performance begins until the service closes down at night. (you must upgrade if you want to travel first class). Free travel is not possible on tickets printed out at home (Ticketdidrect)

Taxi stand
can be seen on your left if you stand facing the entrance to the building

The »Parkhaus Alte Oper« garage SEE MAP BELOW!(entrance and exit only a few steps from the building) is open 24 hours a day. Entrance from Bockenheimer Anlage (see red arrows). Mondays-Saturdays €1 per hour, Sundays and bank holidays €0.50 per hour. Evening tariff €5: available from 5pm, car out by 7am the next day.

The »Parkhaus OpernTurm« is also near by: Bockenheimerlandstraße 2-4 (marked on map above). Open daily from 6am – 1am. €2 per hour. Evening tariff €5. available from 8pm, car out by 6am! the next morning.

The »Parkhaus Börse« garage is about 5 minutes walk away. It is opposite the Frankfurt Börse (stock exchange). Entrance: Börsenstraße (right hand side of map). Open 24 hours a day, Mondays – Saturdays €1 per hour, Sundays and bank holidays €0.50 per hour. Evening tariff available from 7pm, car out by 7am the next morning.

Directions Alte Oper

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Concerts by the Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchester
Sunday 17.11.2013 11:00 h
Main auditorium Alte Oper

Christoph Willibald Gluck
Sunday 17.11.2013 19:30 h
Opera House

next new production:

(Three One Act Operas)
Bohuslav Martinu
Saturday 04.07.2015 19:30 h
Bockenheimer Depot


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