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Samuel Barber
1910 - 1981

Opera in three acts
Libretto by Cian Carlo Menotti
World premiere of 2nd edition May 13th 1965, Metropolitan Opera, New York

Sung in English with German surtitles
A production from Malmö Opera (first performed March 14th 2009)
Duration: c. 2 1/2 hrs. incl. one interval

About the work

Vanessa lives with her reticent mother and niece Erika in a house frozen in time for many years. All the mirrors have been covered so that she can’t be confronted with her aging self. She has waited many years for her lover to return and so is overjoyed when news of a visitor arrives. But time did not stand still in the world outside, and her beloved Anatol is dead. The visitor is his son, who is very taken by Erika and she to him. After she turns down his hand in marriage he turns his attention to Vanessa. When Vanessa and Anatol’s engagement is announced at a ball Erika, pregnant with his child, resorts to drastic measures. The newlyweds leave. Erika remains behind, the mirrors are covered again. Now it is her turn to wait.
   Vanessa was Samuel Barber’s only successful opera. The libretto was written by Gian Carlo Menotti, composer, librettist and Barber’s companion through life. The world premiere, at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, was a great success. The conductor, Dimitri Mitropoulos, shouted out: »At last, an American grand opéra!«

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Friday 28.09.2012 19:30 h

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Jonathan Darlington
Katharina Thoma
Stage and Costume Designer
Julia Müer
Lighting Designer
Olaf Winter
Chorus Master
Michael Clark

Charlotta Larsson
Jenny Carlstedt
Alte Baronin
Helena Döse
Kurt Streit
Der alte Doktor
Dietrich Volle
Nicholas, Haushofmeister
Björn Bürger

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