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Oper Frankfurt's chorus is one of the largest in Germany. In 1993 the stagione-system was introduced and the chorus reduced. A few years later Oper Frankfurt returned to the repertoire system and the chorus was enlarged again. It is now possible to perform operas with demanding roles for a large chorus using the chorus' own forces, with only the occasional help of extra chorus members.

Tilman Michael, the new Chorus Master, began working in Frankfurt at the beginning of the 2014/15 season. The Chorus' extraordinary achievements are regularly acknowledged by the public and press alike. In 2005 "Opernwelt" awarded them second place in the category "Opera Chorus of the Year".

A chorus' "role" in an opera is often as difficult and demanding as a soloists "leading role" - one only has to think of Verdi's operas or the great russian operas such as Mussorgski's "Chowanschtschina".

Solo roles are regularly entrusted to members of Opera Frankfurt's Chorus. This means that chorus singers' voices are also trained to soloist standards so that their voice can »carry« in the opera house. They must train every day, even on days when there is no performance. They constantly work at furthering their artistic development in lessons, on the operatic stage or in concert.

The international spectrum of the opera's chorus is huge - with members from the USA, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, Chile, the Ukraine, Lithuania, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Albania and, of course, Germany. This babylonian mixture of languages ceases when the chorus sing on stage in a common language: in German, Italian, English, French, Russian and Czech. This in itself is impressive enough but they must also, of course, sing everything from memory.

If you would like to enquire about vacancies in the Opera Chorus, Extra Chorus or Children's chorus, or have any other questions about the Frankfurt Opera Chorus, send an email to

The Chorus Master's email address is:
Phone + 49 (0)69 212 37 548
Chorus Master Tilman Michael
Deputy Chorus Master and Children's Chorus Master Markus Ehmann (on paternity leave) Dae Myeong Park (replacing him until he returns spring 2016)
Chorus Inspector/Chorus Office Administrator Michael Schulte

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