Opera for Children
Opera for Children

Opera for Children inspired by Georg Friedrich Handel's JULIUS CAESAR IN EGYPT

Julius Caesar has chased his political enemy Pompey back to Egypt. The young ruler Tolomeo presents Caesar with Pompey’s head when he reaches the Nile. Cleopatra also has her eye on the throne but needs to get her brother Tolomeo out of the way if she is to succeed. She manages to seduce Caesar. After an attempt on the Emperor’s life Tolomeo has Cleopatra taken prisoner. Caesar survived, frees his beloved and crowns her Queen of Egypt.

Simone di Felice Musikalische Leitung/Klavier
Corinna Tetzel Inszenierung
Friederike Meisel Bühnenbild
Marion Jakob Kostüme
Deborah Einspieler Text und Idee

Alin Deleanu Ptolemaios
Katharina Magiera Cornelia
Iurii Samoilov Julius Cäsar
Kateryna Kasper Kleopatra
Thomas Korte Pompejus / Pompejus' Geist
Heike Kopp-Deubel Diener

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Saturday 23.02.2013 13:30 h

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