Opera Finale

Bohuslav Martinu
1890 - 1959
Events linked to the last new production of the season

A series of events linked to the new production of Bohuslav Martinů's Julietta and three one act operas Tränen des Messers/A Knife's Tears, Komodie auf der Brücke/Comedy on the Bridge and Zweimal Alexander/Twice Alexander. „I believe Martinů to be one of the greatest musicians of our times. He is a genius who uses music to create new worlds“, enthused Georges Ribermont-Dessaignes, librettist of Tränen des Messers/a Knife's Tears. Bohuslav Martinů was one of the most creative composers of the 20th century. Born in 1890 in Poliăka (Czechoslovakia), he began learning the violin when he was seven and soon began composing off his own bat. After a time playing violin in the Czech Philharmonic in Prague, where he studied composition with Josef Suk for a while, he moved to Paris in 1923. There his reputation as a composer soon spread world wide. He emigrated to America in 1940, where he and his compositions concentrated increasingly on existential questions of human life, and where he was much sought after as a composition teacher at academies and universities. He returned to Europe in 1953 and died in Liestal, near Basel, in 1959.

He composed more than 400 works – vocal and chamber music, orchestral pieces, operas and ballets – which reflected influences from Czech folk music, French impressionism, neoclassicism, Igor Stravinsky and Jazz.

Oper Frankfurt's Opera Finale is dedicated to the life and work of this important composer, whose Julietta and three one act operas: Tränen des Messers, Komodie auf der Brücke & Zwiemal Alexander are the last two new productions this season.

Sunday 21.06.2015

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