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To everyone concerned with the Daphne production. Many thanks for a superb evening in the Theatre, I hope it will be recorded for DVD, it certainly deserves to be. If only Falstaff had been as good, so well sung but in a frantic, unfunny overacted production, Verdi was the loser in this show. Such a shame for the singers who did everything that was asked of them. A dreadful evening.
John Aitken
Glasgow, Scotland - Thursday, 13.03.2014, 13:34:06
Dear all,
The performance of Die Zauberflöte was superb. Congratulations! However it was a pity that there were no subtitles for non-native speakers.

Galo Nuno
Frankfurt, Spain - Sunday, 20.10.2013, 23:19:43
Dear Pranathi,
Yes, if you are under the age of 30 and have a university ID card. You can buy tickets online in English by clicking on "language" in the top right corner after you have selected a performance you want to attend. You can also book by telephone.

Oper Frankfurt
Monday, 17.06.2013, 13:54:05
Hello. I was wondering whether the "schueler" discount on some of the tickets applies for university students too?
Monday, 17.06.2013, 11:54:36
Unfortunately, for hygienic reasons, we have no opera glasses on hire.

Oper Frankfurt
Thursday, 14.03.2013, 11:36:09
Are there opera glasses available for rental?
Niedernhausen, Deutschland - Wednesday, 13.03.2013, 19:55:45
Dear Saravanan,
filming or taking pictures is absolutely not allowed at Oper Frankfurt, please understand!

Oper Frankfurt
Friday, 11.01.2013, 12:14:25
Am I allowed to carry my camera and take photos inside the opera during the event?
Gießen , Germany - Wednesday, 09.01.2013, 00:15:56
Dear Lia Ferreira,
our theatre building (located at Willy-Brandt-Platz opposite of the European Central Bank) was planned by the architects Apel & Beckert. In case you meant the classicistic building at Opernplatz, which is called "Alte Oper Frankfurt": its archtitect was Richard Lucae.

Oper Frankfurt
Wednesday, 14.11.2012, 14:53:46
Hello!i really liked the OPER building and i was wondering whos was the architect?
Lia Ferreira
Kaiserslautern, Germany - Tuesday, 13.11.2012, 21:58:39
The soprano's name of the last performance of "Tosca" on January 27th is Hui He.
Oper Frankfurt
Monday, 06.02.2012, 16:43:11
Could you please tell me the soprano's name on the last Tosca on the 27th of january?

Thank you very much in advance
Jordi Sans

Menorca , Spain - Monday, 06.02.2012, 16:20:34
Dear Aranza,
the photo shows a scene of "Die tote Stadt" from Erich Wolfgang Korngold, which is performed again from September 10th 2011 on.

Oper Frankfurt
Monday, 22.08.2011, 12:40:34
Hello :)

I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the opera/play that it as the front of the monthly programme that has 2 skeletons in the back, a clown and 2 women with red hair. I´m really reallly interested in watching this opera.

I hope you can help me,


Link to monthly programme: http://www.oper-frankfurt.de/fileupload/dateien/Sonstige_Dateien/OF-523-11_Programm_Sept-Okt_2011_web.pdf

Aranzazu Becerra
Guadalajara, Mexico - Thursday, 04.08.2011, 22:23:08
I saw some of Die Fledermaus on SAT3 while on holidays and was captivated! Will it be available on DVD for us auslanders?
Frank Maher
Ireland - Thursday, 05.05.2011, 21:22:50
Dear Hugh, I would suggest anything by Handel to be appropriate.
Herbert Shoehorn
Littlehampton, UK - Friday, 17.09.2010, 18:17:22
Percival - the problem would then be that the orchestra, soloists and chorus would feel obliged to perform in the buff. These would, in turn, be a distraction for the hard-working technicians and could create a health and safety issue.
As far as the public is concerned there is a very real risk of dangly bits getting caught in the folding seats, with ensuing litigation implications.

Simon Bailey
Saturday, 28.08.2010, 13:01:48
There is a lot to be said about listening to music whilst unattired. In this beautiful summer we have here, perhaps Glyndebourne could persuade its members (sic) to have a naturist day? Perhaps fellow subscribers could suggest music to be played?
Hugh Hampton
Liverpool, UK - Friday, 27.08.2010, 23:13:43
I too am interested in the dress code. Since last writing I have become a naturist and wonder if the Oper Franfurt had thought of putting on a special performance for this growing band of opera lovers who have no dress code.
Percival Taxmon
Petworth, U.K. - Friday, 27.08.2010, 19:40:30
Dear Leslie Suzuki,
there is not a real dress code for visiting Oper Frankfurt. Women come dressed smart and fancy, but rarely in long evening dresses. The most important thing is to feel fine and comfortable!!!

Oper Frankfurt
Friday, 30.07.2010, 12:29:46
Good day!
I really love to watch the "THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO" on Sept.I just want to ask about the dress code during the show. What to wear or how to dress up?
Thank you very much!

Leslie Suzuki
Manila, Philippines - Friday, 30.07.2010, 09:40:46
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