The Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchester,
General Music Director Sebastian Weigle & Honorary Conductor Michael Gielen, are looking for

from August 17th 2017

one 2nd lead violin
(Auditions May 29th 2017)
Apply online, here by April 17th

one 1st violin
(Audition date not yet known)
Apply online, here

one lead/solo cello - special contract
(Auditions June 3rd 2017)
Apply online, here by April 22nd

one bassoon
(Auditions May 31st 2017)
Apply online, here by April 19th

one 3rd / deputy 1st  flute  who also plays piccolo
(Auditions June 29th 2017)
Apply online, here by May 18th

from December 1st 2017

one 1st lead violin
(Audition date not yet known)
Apply online, here

one 2nd violin (tutti)
(Audition date not yet known)
Apply online, here 

from January 1st 2018

one trombone who also plays tenor trombone
(auditions May 18th 2017 )
Apply online, here by April 6th 2017

lead double bass 
(Audition June 14th 2017)
Apply online, here by May 3rd

from August 13th 2018

one deputy lead viola
(Audition date not yet known)

General information about applications:
Please fill out the relevant form and send your c.v. (without a covering letter, certificates, letters of recommendation, etc) in a PDF document no larger than 1 MB by email to:


There are 3 vacancies (viola, cello & double-bass) in the  Paul-Hindemith-Orchesterakademie from September 2017. Apply here.

Members of the acamedy get the chance to work with the orchestra, play chamber music, receive regular mental and audition training and individual tuition.
Successful applicants receive a grant of €900 a month. Period of study is 24 months.

Chorus Master Tilman Michael is looking for

as soon as possible
one tenor

from the beginning of the 2017/18 season
one alto

It is a great advantage if you have studied singing and have a knowledge of German.
Please apply by email to:
Please do not send any recordings, passport type photos only.

We also need experienced singers to boost our Extra Chorus

Which takes part in some productions to strenghten the professional chorus in the house. A fee is paid for rehearsals and performances. Auditions will probably take place early 2016, in the Chorus Rehearsal Room at Oper Frankurt. Applicants can sing an aria or song of their choice. Please bring music with you for the pianist and a short (music) c.v. If you are interested, please contact